With so many brilliant things set for #4, prototype magazine is now seeking the quick witted, word sculptors of the UK. You can submit pieces to all, or just one if you like.

Please stick to the word count, and for each one bare in mind our prototype magazine audience. If you want to find out a little more about prototype before you submit you can download our Media Kit here. If you submit, and we like what you’ve written enough you may end up as a frequent feature writer for prototype magazine.

(Please note: This is an unpaid position, purely to give the author more experience and get their work noticed by the creative industry. If an author would like a testimonal written for their resume, we can do - just ask us.)


sentence complete.

The best advice I was ever given was… (20 words or less)

Everyone should visit…(20 words of less)

Last night I dreamt…(30 words)

feature story.

This morning. (150 words) Describe what you did this morning, was it inspiring, mundane, peaceful?

 important bits.

deadline: 01/07/12

submit to prototypemag@gmail.com